Elon Musk is Threatening to sue Meta.

Threads have crossed 70 million, upended the social media landscape, and appear to have rattled Twitter (Elon Musk) enough that it is now threatening Meta.

Meta has long been talked over for its market dominance and for allegedly trying to choke off competition by copying rival applications. Some competition experts and even some Threads users worry that if the new application tract continues, it may simply lead to the accumulation of even more power and dominance for Meta and its CEO, Mark Zuckerberg.

Monopoly by Meta, yikes,” wrote one user “It’s a real problem for society when a few dozen people and companies own every single thing so that no alternative paradigms can exist that they don’t co-opt from the cradle,” replied another.

Elon Musk

Twitter (Elon Musk) had always been much smaller than Meta’s platforms, but it had a huge influence on tech, media, and politics. As Twitter faltered under Elon Musk, though, a cottage industry emerged of smaller apps trying to capture some of its influence. Now, more than any of them, Meta seems best positioned to claim the crown of Elon Musk.

Threads’ blockbuster (Meta) launch this week highlights the unbarring reality of the modern digital economy: To potentially beat some of the biggest players in the industry, like Elon Musk, you might have to be a giant yourself.

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