What Nick Saban Really Thinks About Texas’ Upset Win Against Alabama Football


A well-known name in collegiate football is Nick Saban. Because of his achievements at Alabama, he has established a reputation in the sport. Nick Saban’s genuine motivation has been the subject of persistent rumors following Alabama’s shocking loss to the Texas Longhorns.

The following piece will delve inside the coaching legend’s psyche and examine his reflections on that shocking loss.

The Legacy of Nick Saban

It’s important to comprehend Saban’s past before getting into his opinions on the Texas upset. Saban is a football institution, not just a coach. His impact on college football is tremendous, and he has a track record of creating NFL players and several national championships.

Getting Things Ready for the Uproar 

Setting the scene is necessary in order to understand Saban’s response to the defeat. As usual, Alabama was enjoying its success after years of dominating the college football scene. On the contrary, Texas was viewed as a favorite in this game.

Initial Response from Saban 

Saban’s initial reaction when the game ended, with Alabama on the losing end, was a mix of annoyance and sadness. He had great hopes for his team, therefore this defeat was disappointing.

Press Conference with Saban 

Shortly after the game, Saban spoke to the media, and his remarks were carefully chosen. He recognized Texas’ accomplishments and gave them credit for their efforts. He wasn’t afraid to point out the mistakes that were made by his own team, either.

Examining Saban’s Mentality 

We must examine Nick Saban’s mindset in order to figure out what he really thinks about Texas’ stunning victory. Saban is renowned for his continuous pursuit of excellence, and he views every setback as a chance to get better.

Lessons Discovered 

Saban sees setbacks as excellent teaching opportunities. He emphasized how crucial it was for his players to develop as a team and learn from their failures. He never loses focus on the bigger picture.

Developing Resistance 

Resilience, in Saban’s opinion, is an essential attribute for success. He wants to take advantage of this setback to forge a more lasting team that is capable of withstanding any challenge.

In a 34-24 defeat to Texas at Bryant-Denny Stadium, Alabama football struggled.

In September, it put an end to the Crimson Tide’s 29-game winning streak. The most recent defeat was a four-point setback in 2015 to Ole Miss. Prior to an upset by a former assistant, Nick Saban had only suffered one loss as the head coach of UA, and that was at home against a non-conference school.

After the game, Saban spoke with the media to analyze the loss.

This served as everyone’s test. We definitely performed poorly on the test, which was also a test for the coaches, me, and the other players. But it’s not the final; it’s the midterm,” Saban stressed.

Everyone essentially has two options: either give up and settle for mediocrity, or fight and toil and do the difficult things necessary to succeed. Additionally, I believe that you shouldn’t squander a mistake, and we certainly shouldn’t waste this one.

I have faith in these players. These athletes put in a lot of effort. The atmosphere in the stadium tonight was fantastic. I value the supporters. Indeed, they contributed in some way. We didn’t perform our duties adequately. As I mentioned earlier, it begins with me. But we’ll make every effort to make it right and correct it.

Many of Texas’ five sacks, including one on a three-man pursuit, according to Saban, came off four-man rushes. Ewers wasn’t impacted by us at all, according to Saban.

–Saban claimed that Jalen Milroe occasionally held onto the ball for too long. Despite considering benching him, Saban claimed that the Alabama Tide’s swift offense kept him in the game.

At the very end of the game, he made several excellent plays. The interception was crucial, without a doubt.

When questioned about whether Milroe was being cautious after his first interception, Saban responded, “I can’t really address that.

It would probably be wiser to ask him that question. We were on travels, and I don’t think he noticed them roll the covers up as they appeared to have catted the corner from the back. It was a bad choice.

–Saban claimed that Alabama had trouble adjusting to Texas’ motion. There is a lot of technical information, but you cannot allow another person to overtake you in the secondary.

—Saban referred to Alabama’s snapping issues as “surprising.”

The difference, according to Saban, was Texas’ “explosive plays” and a lack of execution late in the game. “They took a lot of shots in the game and made them… That’s how they play.”

 Saban discussed how Texas’ hurry-up offense was difficult for Alabama to handle and how this resulted in big plays.

“We failed to follow the pattern. Although I believe we had the call in both instances, Alabama struggled more as a result of their “hurry up on it” actions.


Finally, Nick Saban’s reactions to Texas’ unexpected victory over Alabama in football are a mix of disappointment, determination, and a never-ending quest for excellence. He still believes that the Crimson Tide will succeed in the future and sees this loss as an opportunity for improvement.

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